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You came to Swinburne for a degree, but our mission is to offer you much more. At Swinburne, student success is our priority. We guide students to unlock their academic potential and create lasting memories and relationships. 

Our Story

Swinburne Student Union is run by a group of students elected by you the Swinburne students, and supported by an amazing staff team. The student representatives work to ensure the voice of the students is heard by the university. They actively collect feedback from students, attend university meetings, plan campaigns, run events and so much more.

Member Benefits

As an organisation run by students, we understand better than anyone the difficulties of being a student. We provide numerous support services for financial members and non-financial members including:

SSU Totebag +
Membership Pack

Diary and
Semester Planner

15% off SSU
Premium Events

Discounted Locker Hire

Daily Printing Credit

Weekly FoodBank Access

We care about all students

We're here to help all students at Swinburne. We provide non-financial members a range of support services, including:

Free Daily Breakfast

Free Weekly BBQ

Exam Help Desk

Welfare on Wheels

Free Events and

Free Swine Magazine

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